13 August 2009

Adorned Brita Pitcher- A $10 make-over

When the new decor elements came out, I was inspired by all the different types of projects you could do with them. Besides sprucing up a wall, or touching up a shadowbox picture frame, you can also decorate your laptop computer, glass tables, vases, etc. So, I thought I'd give my Brita pitcher some personality with the Adornment decor element.

I chose the one in So Saffron to match my kitchen and color preferences. You may choose from over half a dozen colors, and this piece of vinyl art costs less than $10.

I cut the emblem in half and then applied each half to either hemisphere of the pitcher.

I also wanted to try another quick project, so I decorated a Craft Keeper.
It was pretty easy, and I think it came out well.

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