01 July 2010

Fancy Post-It Note Holder

I had seen some souped up post-it note holders and decided it was time to try it.
I made some prototypes for a class that one of my friends requested.
Then I made a few more for thank you gifts.
(Stay tuned for more post-it note projects.)

This one is my favorite! The friend I gave it to said I should open a store on Etsy.

I've been thinking about that for awhile now along with one of my artsy colleagues at school. Tomorrow I'll call City Hall and see what I need to do for tax purposes, and then all I have to do is pick a name and open my very own Esty store. What do you think?
Should I just name it after me (Judith Bassem)?
Should I use the same name as my blog (Creativa Bassem)?
Or should I go for something along the lines of artsy/ papercrafty/ stamping/ custom cards...?
I value your comments. Thanks! See you soon on Etsy!

I've been meaning to do this all summer, but now that I've put it out there in cyberspace where all of you can see my goal, I HAVE to do it! Thanks for keeping me accountable!

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