26 November 2012


I've been working on some banners lately, both paper and felt.
It's amazing how important you can make someone feel with a personalized banner for their special day.

This was a custom order for a wedding.  Happily ever after...

 The flower and jeweled embellishments add just the right touch for this celebration.

And Mr. & Mrs. 

Here's a birthday banner (in Spanish) for a dear friend.

  I enjoy adding embellishments to make the banner just-right for its recipient.

 Here's a sneak peek at some felt banners.  Welcome home (patriotic), and birthday boy & birthday girl.

 The colors are a little off here, but this gives you an idea of the birthday banners.

In another week or so when I finish my final paper for my university class, 
I'll list some banners and cards on my etsy shop.  
I also take orders for custom banners.  
(You choose the words, material, and colors.)

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