20 May 2009

Battle for Perfectionism

I'm finally blogging again. I was pursuing a university course that took much of my free time. And then I felt overwhelmed by all the things I hadn't blogged because I wanted to show them properly. [The previous post was just a half-hearted attempt at a post.] So, that kept me from sharing what I've done. So, I'm going to just share what I want instead of feeling that I have to "catch up" or show things in "chronological" order. Oh my!

Anyway, I'm finally breaking ground, and this post is my attempt to get back into the habit of blogging again. I want to be sharing with you again, even if my posts don't live up to my idea of perfect. So, no photos today, just text, here I am again.

I have several evenings available to come over and show you and your friends techniques that you can use on dad, grad, and birthday cards. Just contact me so we can set up a date!
:) Judith

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