18 June 2010


One of my lovely colleagues requested a few wedding cards, and then when I gave them to her, she did a little impromptu publicity and showed all her friends. So, more people requested personalized cards. Here's a graduation card for a teenage girl who had red and gray for her school colors.

My seniors are graduating today too, and our colors are red and white.

The glitter and the satin ribbon give it a girly touch.

If you want to make or order personalized cards, please contact me to set up a time.
It's my pleasure to create with you/ for you.


Claire said...

very snazzy! I was just explaining to someone yesterday how to use heat and stick powder. it definitely has more bling than irridescent ice powder.

gotta love that impromptu publicity!

Happy last week of school!

Ilina Crouse said...

Love all the red and pink and especially the glitter!