22 August 2011

Stamping Day

Come stamp at my place for an hour or two or more this Wednesday, August 24th!
(Visit between 10:00 am-- 8:00 pm.)
Everyone who comes will get to make a personalized card. 
If you want to make a bunch of cards with everything prepared, you may pay a class fee of $20.
If you want to use your own materials for your own projects, that's fine too.
Sometimes we just need the company of others to give us the excuse/ motivation to finally get to that project we have on our "list of things to do."
I'll provide light snacks, cucumber sandwiches, iced tea, etc.
I'll just ask for an hour off for dinner with my family (from 5:00-6:00).
Let me know if you plan on coming. Bring a friend or two.

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