01 August 2011

MDS Shower Invitation

I have a love-hate relationship with paper.
I love feeling, buying, and creating with beautiful paper and cardstock. I've liked it since I was a child. As a young adult, I developed a love of stationery stores, and especially liked visiting them in other countries. (Paper and the sizes/ types available vary by country :-D.)

On the other hand, I'm terrible about maintaining a filing system, and am sometimes overwhelmed documents and mail. It's not too hard to decide what to keep or let go. The trouble is with what to do with the ones in the maybe/ I'll get to it pile, or the "to file" pile.
Anyway, I do enjoy creating with paper and actually holding the fibers between my fingers.

Digital designing is fun, and has its place.
My brother is a graphic designer and I appreciate what he skillfully creates with design programs. (He and I both have a solid foundation in drawing and visual arts and have developed these talents on paper way before trying our hand at them on the computer.) He is an awesome artist, and I have learned so much from him.

He uses digital designing all the time for his livelihood. I've only recently started using
My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up!

My sister recently had a bridal shower, [or should I say we held a shower for her?].
I wanted to put a personal touch on her invitations, but needed to find a way to make 40+ invitations with one hand [while balancing a newborn with the other]. So I used MDS to design the invitations and then had them printed. My handwriting is compromised of late [you know, if my little one makes a sudden movement while I'm holding him and writing], so I even typed out the addresses and fed the envelopes through the printer. It was so easy to design them and whip them out.

I recommend this program to you, even if you have the use of both of your hands.

I can design invitations for you for that special occasion, or make personalized postcards or greeting cards for that special someone. Email me to set up a consultation: bassemjudith@gmail.com.

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