15 September 2008

A Young Stamper's Creations!

My niece came over for the evening so her mommy could do some shopping. It was like having a mini-summer camp for a toddler for an evening. Bassem and I played soccer with her; she learned some new moves and giggled the whole entire time she was kicking the ball.

We traced her body onto a large sheet of brown paper and drew in her features.
(Yes, it was the extra packing paper from SU!)

And then we stamped!
Earlier in the summer her mommy had come over one time to stamp something, and so my niece naturally picked up the stamps and asked for them to be inked up so she could use them. So, she made her own page of stamping. That was a month ago.
So, I thought she'd like to do some big-girl stamping of her own, and here's what she did!

I gave her several options, and she chose to make some cards with stars. So, I inked up the stamp and gave it to her, and she pressed it where she wanted to on the paper. Then I helped her punch out some stars and put dimensionals on the back. She peeled them and put the stars on her cards. I asked if she wanted ribbon, and she said she did, so we tied a knot. Then I showed her a variation using the slot punch. On a piece of scrap paper, I demonstrated how we can feed the ribbon through the holes and then tie a bow. I asked her if she liked wanted to used that idea on her card and she said yes. I think she gave one of these cards to her daddy. ;)
This is the Starring You stamp set.

And then we still had time, and she was still quite interested in stamping, so I asked her if she wanted to stamp some little girls. And she did. This one is tricky for someone who is only 2 and 3/4 years old to line up, so I did that part, since I am older than her, by a bit. And then she colored them in with the Stampin' Write markers (gentle, gentle). She even lined up and stamped her own greeting. These are the All in the Family, Family Accessories and Family Phrases stamp sets.

She's quite a fun little girl. She loves helping her mom, gran, and auntie cook. She's eager to do her own little projects. So, for these cards, she did everything except ink up the stamps; her mom said she had to come home clean, so she wore an apron and went to town! No, I'm not recruiting from the cradle; I'm just having some quality time with my niece. Sorry the pictures came out sideways; the photo reader was having trouble saving any changes.

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